Surprising Vitamin Facts on Breast Enlargement Results!

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For the past years and nowadays, the breast size increase is a common request from most of the women all over the world.

This is mainly because of unconfident feeling associated with having small boobs!

Others seek breast enhancements because they suffer from aging signs and they want to enjoy having a firm and healthy breast skin without having the look of a saggy droopy breast.

There are 6 reasons for small breast size or saggy droopy breast

  • Poor fat content, poor diet
  • Lack of vitamins and supplements
  • Hormonal deficiency during puberty
  • Sometimes, the cause is genetically related
  • Natural aging process & hormonal imbalance
  • Emotional problems like stress or depression

Therefore, you should think of managing and treating causes of having small boobs or saggy breasts along with using breast enhancement natural supplements and products that are safe and don’t pose any kind of adverse effects.

In this context, we will cover most of vitamins and supplements types that are beneficial for the overall appearance of your breast.

Along with a natural product that will force you to rid yourself of thinking silicone breast implants or augmentation or even fat transfer breast augmentation that comes with an adverse and severe effect!


Vitamins Are the Best Body’s Growth Cells Stimulator 

The secret behind the effect of vitamins on breast size actually lies on the vitamin’s ability to promote optimal growth and development of healthy cells.

Therefore, it is important to follow a balanced diet that contains vitamins sources, especially during puberty phase in order to stimulate breast cell’s growth.

And during the aging phase in order to prevent breast cancer risk and to promote firmer skin, as a result, prevent saggy droopy breast look.

Vitamins types are many and their sources are many too;

here are some of vitamins types that help provide you the desired breast shape and size as follows;

Vitamin A

The multifunctional vitamin that is effective for the overall health status as follows;

Offer protection; vitamin A can protect the skin against stretch mark appearance

Support different body’s systems; it has the ability to enhance the immune system functions

Prevention of breast diseases; it can prevent the risk of breast cancer and fight inflammation

Accelerate cell regeneration; it aids in  repairing the damaged tissue

Collagen Stimulator; it stimulate collagen production and improve the texture of your skin …  so?

Actually, collagen is an important body’s constituent of the extracellular matrix that supports cells.

It usually decreases as we age and pose undesirable effects such as wrinkles, face lines, saggy boobs!

Collagen has also a valuable role in skin strengthening, and increasing elasticity, therefore, the role of vitamin A is vital if you seek firm, youthful, and sexy boobs.

The sources of vitamin A are many, they are found in form of vegetables or fruits such as Nectarine, Collards, Papaya, Carrot, Winter Squash, Romaine Lettuce, Passion Fruit, Spinach, Sweet Red Pepper, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Kale, Sweet Potato, Swiss Chard. You can also ask your physician to provide you with some vitamin A supplements.

Vitamin E

It is important to look for supplements that are able to provide internal and external benefits for your breasts in other words you should look for supplements that stimulate the cell growth internally and give you the larger and firm shape externally.

Fortunately, vitamin E is able to provide you both missions!

Vitamin E is an important unit within the human body, for your breasts and your whole body;

It helps promote natural cell growth of breast cells

Provide elasticity for the breast skin preparing for cell growth phase

It provides full protection from free radicals and prevents premature aging.

Along with vitamin C, it can help reconstruct collagen and keep your skin youthful and able to retain moisture and firmness

The sources of vitamin E are found easily and you can include them in your daily dietary by means or another;

It ranges from Avocado, Sunflower seeds, Tomato sauce, Pine nuts, Egg, Herring, Almonds, Almond butter, Peanuts, Sardines, Vegetable oil, Turnip greens, Hazelnuts, Spinach, Cereal, Fish, Seafood, Tuna, Pepper, wheat germ, Rainbow Trout, olives, and cranberries.

Vitamin E could also found in form of pills/supplements, which could be used after referring to your physician.

Surprisingly, vitamin E has a cream from where many cosmetic products mainly use vitamin E as one of its constituents.

Vitamin C

Who said that vitamin C is only taken when a person catches a cold only?

This is only one in hundred vitamin C functions! For the breast enlargement case, it has been found that vitamin C

It aid to decrease the risk of having breast cancer

Has an important role in balancing hormones needed for enhancing the growth of breast cells

Help stimulate the production of collagen, therefore, enhancing the saggy droopy breast problem

It also keeps the breast tissues always hydrated, therefore, giving the best firm and full breast shape

Based on a study, that involved over 4,000 women aged 40-74 proved that vitamin C has the potential to reduce skin wrinkles, face lines, and many other aging-related problems that is why vitamin C considered as common constituent among skin care products.

Moreover, it has an amazing role in preventing the cardiovascular diseases associated as we age, improve the minerals uptake, decrease the risk of strokes and enhance the immune system functions.

Vitamin C is found within a high number of food sources such as;

Orange, lemon, Chili pepper, Green bell pepper, Strawberries, Acerola Cherry, Cauliflower, Tomatoes, Kiwi, Guava, Broccoli, Papayas, Citrus Fruits, Black Currant, Melons, Brussels sprouts, Pineapple, Mango, Fortified Cereal, Rosehips, Parsley, Cloves, Lychee, Kohlrabi, potatoes, peas, and Gooseberry.

Moreover, vitamin C could be also found in form of supplements that are taken under your physician consultation.

Vitamin B6

Another effective vitamin that is known for its role in breast enlargement mission, however, vitamin B6 works differently from the other vitamins types;

 It mainly works by maintaining the arteries pumping open and formation of new blood cells, therefore, supply your breast tissues with blood.

Therefore, keeping your body oxygenated as a result promote breast cells growth and development.

Vitamin B6 has also many other functions that range from nerve function, metabolism, increasing energy levels, promote healthy metabolism, and many other functions.

The sources of vitamin B6 range from Avocado, Turkey Breast, bananas,  Grass-Fed Beef,  prunes,  Amaranth Grain, Pistachio Nuts, Chicken Breast, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, jackfruit, legumes, Garbanzo Beans, spinach, Blackstrap Molasses, and Tuna.

However, you should …

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As we said, vitamins are only for stimulating cells growth and indeed, there are many people experience a minor effect of using vitamins.

However, there are many excellent reviews for using both vitamins, supplements, and products that are mainly targeting breast enlargement goals;

such as the highly demanded “Brestrogen Breast Enlargement Cream” in USA and Europe.

Brestrogen is well known for its effectiveness and ability to provide you firmer, and large natural breast size of about one cup size within only two months and two-cup sizes in five to six months.

brestrogen testimonials4 Reasons for why should you go for Brestrogen breast enhancement cream

does brestrogen work on breasts

Provide the firmest breast

We all know that our breasts are mainly composed of fatty tissues surprisingly, the brestrogen cream can

easily increase the fatty tissues in addition to increasing the length of milk ducts

As a result, give you the firmest, healthy, and full breast shape and state.

Provide excellent breast enlargement

The secret behind its ability to increase the breast size is the presence of Pueraria Mirifica’s phytoestrogens herb.

That can incredibly work by providing the same effect as estrogen hormone, which is responsible for the female characters appearance.

Therefore, when applying brestrogen topical cream is immediately absorbed by the breast tissues and immediately works like estrogen hormone.

And stimulate the blood flow to your breast tissue as a result, you will enjoy having large, sexy, and firmer breast.

Stimulate collagen production

Another benefit you can get from brestrogen cream is its ability to stimulate collagen production.

Therefore, providing you healthy breast skin with much more firmness and sexy look instead of saggy droopy breast look.

This point is essential for people who have had incredible weight loss or for those who have aged.

Quick absorption feature

Yes, this is an important point for those who have a busy schedule; your skin quickly absorbs brestrogen cream once you apply it.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about wasting your time waiting for the cream to be fully absorbed or even wait in order to avoid any of bra staining problems

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Here are Brestrogen cream reviews

“I’m a mom often—yes, ten—kids. And I breastfed every single one of them. I was seriously considering breast augmentation surgery because my breast had become so small and shriveled after ten kids drinking me dry. When I told my best friend, she said to try Brestrogen before I do anything drastic. I trust her, so I did. And I’m so pleased with the results that surgery isn’t even on the table anymore. Brestrogen has literally given me my breasts back. I’ve been using it for six months and I have gone back up to a D cup, which was what I was before my second child came along. Thanks, Brestrogen!” – Beatrice from Tennessee

Another inspiring review “After having kids, I lost a lot of volume in my breasts, and I was worried they’d never look the same again. I’ve been using Brestrogen for eight weeks now and my breasts are rounder and firmer. I can’t stress enough how happy I am I tried Brestrogen.” – Angela from Wisconsin

To sum up all the benefits, “Brestrogen cream can easily  provide you an increase up to two cup sizes over time, reduce the look of saggy droopy breast and give you a firm and more full breasts instead, giving you the most smooth and youthful breast.”

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Other Supplements help too! Keep on scrolling…

As we said, it is always preferable to use vitamins and supplements that will help initiate general cells growth along with other products that target breast cells growth directly…here is some examples for supplements that may also aid in the cells grown as follows;

Folic acid (vitamin B9)

Indeed, folic acid has a significant role during the cell division, therefore; it has a significant effect on stimulating and initiating breast tissues growth.

So, physicians recommend using supplements containing folic acid or eating food like asparagus, dried beans and liver; if you are looking for bigger boobs.

Folic acid has many other functions other than cell growth.

It has been found that it has an important role in preventing breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and many other diseases that are usually associated with aging.


Another important element for enhancing the breast size that is said to be helpful in promoting the growth of healthy new tissues due to its role in cell division in addition to its role in increasing the immune system functions.

Therefore, you should always look for food that is containing high levels of zinc such as Cheese, Eggs, Sunflower seeds, Garbanzo beans, Meat, Whole grains, Cashews, Yogurt, Seafood, Pinto beans, and Peanut butter.


Another mineral that has a good effect on stimulating your body’s cells to grow and repair the damaged cells in addition to other vital functions. You can consume selenium supplements or you can through the following sources;

Brazil nuts, tuna, beef , cod, Spinach, Broccoli & cabbage,  Mushrooms , Onions, Soybeans , Carrots , Asparagus, Raisins Berries, Bananas, Peanut butter, Egg yolk, Pork, Chicken, turkey, Beef, lamb, Seafood, and Caviar.

At the bottom line,

In my opinion, we cannot admit that consuming vitamins or any kind of supplements are effective enough for having bigger boobs.

However, they are surely increasing and stimulate the breast size but with a minor effect in comparison to other methods that can provide you firm, large, healthy, youthful, and sexy breasts!

The best way is to choose a safe method and provide you perfect results. Therefore, the choice is always yours…!

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