A sponsored post is a form of advertising your business through an article or video published as a post. The advantage of a sponsored post is that people can find out about your business when they use the Search engine to look for related businesses similar to yours.

Unlike banner advertisement which stays on a site for a stipulated period, the sponsored post remains forever as long as the site exists.

You won’t have to break the bank to advertise on Yummylooks.com.

Sponsored post on Yummylooks.com cost $45 per post.

Benefits Of Sponsored Post on Yummylooks

  • Your Post would be displayed placed at the Featured Article which includes Image, Post title, and snippet at the header of all posts on the homepage.
  • Articles are detailed enough for your audience to comprehend unlike banner and text ads which show little information 🙂
  • Links are allowed as long as they would provide more information and/or lead to a product as regards the sponsored article (TAC apply).
  • Sponsored posts can include press releases, videos, articles, interviews…you name it.

Please note that payment is required after posts go live on Yummylooks.com

Main Submission Guidelines:

  • We encourage you to add one relevant graphic to your post.
  • Only high quality, original content should be submitted to Yummylooks.
  • All images and quotes may only be used if shared in compliance with the owner’s copyright restrictions (if any) and must be properly attributed to the owner.
  • We can only allow maximum 2 dofollow links

Please read our guidelines, so that everything goes smoothly.

Special Requests:

Want to sponsor a whole series? No problemo! See a published article where you want us to insert a sentence, line or whole paragraph? or do you want us to write about your product and publish? Drop us an email and let’s talk about it. We are always open for mostly everything as long as it benefits our readers.

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