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Have you ever woken up in the morning and looked at your face in the mirror, only to find out you have ugly circles beneath your eyes?

It adds frustration to your morning routine, leaving you taking drastic measures such as piling on the makeup to make them disappear.

After all, you do not want to go out into the world looking old, worn out and tired, and you search for means of removing dark circles overnight.

Dark circles are among the most common complaints regarding the skin that affects millions of people around the world.

They can form on any skin tone – however, people who have darker skin seem to suffer from them more than individuals with lighter skin tones.

The dark circles are usually associated with tiredness, and this may be part of the problem.

However, other factors also lead to the forming of dark circles within the eyes – and this even affects people who get enough sleep. To understand how Amaira serum clears up the problem, it is, therefore, useful to know how dark circles form in the first place.

The genesis of dark circles

Skin lightening creams all work on a certain basis, depending on why you have the dark circles in the first place.

When you suffer from regular fatigue, the body undergoes high levels of stress. This makes it produce the hormone cortisol that helps it to manage the stress.

This is good, but when the cortisol levels are high then a side effect is the increase in the volume of blood, making the blood vessels swell.

How to get rid of dark circles

Note that the skin around the eyes tends to be thinner than the rest of the face, and because the blood vessels have become bigger, it results in dark circles.

This condition is easy to treat, with proper sleeping habits, exercise and making sure you get enough rest will enable you to get rid of the problem.

Despite all this though, some cases of dark circles are more challenging to deal with.

For instance, a case of a genetic occurrence of dark circles, it may happen that the skin around your eyes tends to produce more quantities of melanin than usual.

This can lead to darkening of the eyes that fails to resolve itself even when one is not tired or stressed.

For this cases, it makes more sense to use lightening creams because the serum reduces the amount of melanin your skin has, therefore removing the dark circles.

Other measures

Even the best skin lightening cream on your eyes on its own will not assist with lightening your skin – you need to consider working with supplementary options to help with the process as well.

Changing your diet into a healthy one (if it is currently not). it is also important for you to consider exercise, which encourages the body to release endomorphins that change your mood for the better, and leaves you feeling confident.

The exercise does not need to be the most extreme, as moderate exercise such as walking for 20 minutes does wonders for your body.

Also consider, skin lightening cream on your eyes

Why should you consider Amaira eye-illuminating serum?

This eye-illuminating serum is highly packed, containing both anti-aging ingredients and lightening components that remain gentle on your skin.

The combination in the formula allows the skin to regain its firming workings, resulting in a youthful look.


When you use it for a few weeks on a consistent basis, you will start to notice that the skin around the eyes looks both younger and brighter, in addition to the serum dealing with crow’s feet and dark circles.

Other benefits that the cream has on your skin include hydrating the skin around your eyes, smooths and tightening the skin, and its lightweight nature is easy on your skin.

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Ingredient list

Extract from Mulberry (active ingredient)

Mulberry extracts prove to remove melanogenesis, which leads to darkening of the skin. This mostly occurs with dead skin, or as one grows older.

As the extract removes dead skin cells, newer cells that form have lighter pigments.

Clinical trials prove that mulberry stops the activity of tyrosinase enzyme, and this allows the skin to get lighter and match the general skin tone.

The extract is also responsible for the elimination of wrinkles as well as fine lines because it restores fibrillin to the body.

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis extract

Around the world, the use of Dendrobium Phalaenopsis flower as a moisturizer has been popular for centuries.

The extracts prove to soften cells in the skin, allowing for the skin to absorb the active ingredient in the serum, mulberry extract.

The process makes the progress of bleaching faster, therefore making the rest of the skin absorb the ingredients at faster rates.

The result is the faster achievement of lightening the skin, all with a natural ingredient that does not harm the body.

Other ingredients

Kojic acid – a natural substitute that is from rice and koji mushrooms, it works to lighten spots in the skin for up to three shades.It is capable of penetrating the skin surface and stop the production of melanin.

Mulberry root bark – this ingredient enhances the removal of fine lines and creases in the skin to give the skin a younger look.

Licorice extracts – derivatives of the licorice root, these contain glabidin, a substance that inhibits melanin production and lightens the skin.

Extracts of Asian orchids – these renew damaged skin, and they have compounds that enhance skin glow and tenderness, increasing skin health.

Bearberry extracts – these are derivatives of the bearberry plant (supplies bears with berries, and high in nutritional value). The plant itself is the source of Arbutin, a compound that inactivates melanin. In fact, some people consider bearberry a natural cousin of hydroquinone, but a safer version.

Product enablers

These are the components of the product that allow the ingredients in removing dark circles overnight. For instance, they can assist the products to penetrate the skin effectively or preserve the integrity of the ingredients. They are:

  • Glycolic acid – helps in skin penetration, and mostly useful as exfoliate in chemical peels.
  • Lactic acid – an exfoliate
  • Propylene glycol – an agent that many products use, such as shampoos, sunscreens, cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Ammonium Hydroxide – adjusts the pH of the product, and is vital for maintaining stability.
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose – thickens the serum, and is important for use since it makes the serum easy to apply.
  • Caprylyl Glocol – extends the shelf life of the product.
  • Lemongrass – adds a lemon scent for the aroma
  • Sorbic acid – works the same way as Caprylyl Glocol to extend the shelf life.

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Before And After Pictures (Progress)

before and after with Amaira Eye Serum

Directions for use

Because many chemicals tend to whiten the skin, they can damage the skin if they contain harsh chemicals. Amaira however, has plant-based ingredients so it is safer to use. Because of this, the whole process needs greater patience levels, but the results are more permanent than other creams.

The product lightens the skin up to three shades, though you need to use it for at least six to eight weeks before you see Dramatic permenant results.

For best results, it is best to follow doctor’s instructions when using the product.

First, make sure you clean the area first using a light exfoliant, but be gentle – you do not want to risk your skin getting redness before using the cream.

After this, pat the area gently using a soft cloth, and apply the cream. You do not require much of the serum, simply one pump dose is enough for each eye.

Apply the serum to the lower and upper eye areas. Use it on a daily basis, twice a day, and apply it in a circular motion around the eye until the skin absorbs it completely.

However, avoid using the cream if you do not use sunscreen, if you are pregnant or nursing, and if you have an open wound or broken skin.

Are these ingredients safe?

Yes it’s safe. However, lactating mothers and pregnant women should not use the product.

In addition, if your skin has undergone recent waxing or shaving, it is not advisable to use the serum. In the case of pregnant women, the blood can absorb the ingredients easily, and they can pass through the placenta and harm the baby – the child may even suffer discoloration disorders.

Note that the product is only for external use, so that means you should handle it with care. For instance, do not apply the product on open wounds or destroyed the skin.

The company has a policy that allows you to return the product within 60 days if it does not work for you, and full refunds are applicable in this time frame.

Are there any side effects?

Since many people are afflicted with dark circles, they turn to eye creams that get rid of dark circles overnight. However, they are not without side effects, and this is dependent on the primary ingredient in the eye cream.

Possible ones include:

Sensitivity to the ingredients

This is particularly prone to occurring to people with sensitive skin. Some ingredients are made up of mild acids (very mild) that may irritate certain individuals. This is the reason you need to read the instructions as well as the manufacturer ingredients carefully.

If you experience a burning sensation on your skin, you need to stop using the product immediately. That also applies to Amaira eye serum, even though it contains relatively milder ingredients compared to other eye creams.

Effects to Vitamin K

This is an ingredient that is a regular appearance in eye creams because of its ability to repair blood vessels that are the cause of the dark pigmentation.

However, skin care experts bear dividing opinions on the ingredient itself, based on whether it is useful when applied topically or if it is better to take it orally.

Allergic reactions are however more likely to happen when the person takes the vitamin as an injection or a supplement, and rarely from topical use.

Reaction to retinol

Retinol, a derivative of Vitamin A, is a major ingredient in anti-aging items, and it lends itself well to treating and brightening the skin around the eyes.

However, some users will report some irritation of the skin after applying the cream, even though the skin can adjust to the treatment. To stop the incidences of irritation, some users resort to switching the products frequently.


What we like

  • The product is easy to apply
  • The results are conclusive, as long as you apply the cream consistently
  • The company offers to ship at low prices
  • The manufacturer is responsive and helpful to customer complaints
  • The company has a return policy of 60 days
  • The product is natural and does not have side effects

What we do not like

  • You cannot buy the product in any nearby pharmacy
  • Procuts on Amazon are fake and not real (This means it’s really hard to find the real Amaira unless you buy it from Amaira official website)


Final thoughts

Amaira eye lightening cream is similar to other lightening creams from the company, as it takes care of your skin while sticking to natural ingredients.

It is therefore safe for individuals with sensitive skin and those that have skin allergies, and you can consider it in getting rid of dark circles overnight.

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