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best brightening serum in india

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It is almost every woman’s wish to have an enviable clear skin and more so, fair complexion.

Some women even go to very great lengths to achieve it, the cost notwithstanding.

Beauty products manufacturers know this and they exploit it every chance they get.

There is always a billboard near you advertising one beauty product or the other claiming to provide a fair and clear complexion.  

In reality, not all products can deliver, and some do not even work.

So, you really have to do your research well so that you do not risk doing more harm to your skin tone.

Skin lightening refers to that process one undergoes aimed at attaining an even skin tone through the reduction of melanin absorption using what is commonly referred to as facial serum.

Some of the most effective facial serums contain Kojic Acid as one of its main ingredients.

Kojic acid is a substance that is derived from various different types of fungi.

It is also produced when certain foods undergo fermentation such as soy sauce, rice wine, Japanese sake, among others.

Kojic acid cream works by restricting and preventing the production of tyrosine – an amino acid that is necessary for the formation of melanin (the pigmentation responsible for the color of your skin, eyes, and hair).

Due to the production restriction of melanin, that is how kojic acid cream leads to the lightening outcome.

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum


The Amaira Natural lightening serum is one of the most effective facial serum around.

It contains kojic acid as one of its main ingredients. Other supporting ingredients include mulberry and orchid extract.

Since it uses natural, healthy ingredients, this serum has been proven to lighten dark or discolored skin fast and in a safe manner.

The Amaira cream uses its natural plant extract strengths to lighten dark and hyperpigmentation while simultaneously reinforcing the healthy glow of your skin.

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What does the serum contain?

The main ingredients include;

  • pointDeionized water
  • pointKojic acid
  • pointlicorice extract
  • pointglycolic acid
  • pointniacinamide
  • pointmulberry extract
  • pointorchid extract
  • pointbearberry extract
  • pointhydroxyethylcellolose
  • pointglycerin
  • pointazeliac
  • pointammonium hydroxide
  • pointcaprylyl glycol
  • pointsorbic acid
  • pointethylhexylglycerin
  • pointchloroxlenol
  • pointabsorbic acid
  • pointsodium metibisulite


How does it deliver great results?

amaira photo at home

Amaira works by integrating native plant-based ingredients which have been scientifically proven to be safe skin care products.

They are known to achieve a strong and super effective lightening serum.

From ancient traditions, these natural extracts have been used by Japanese and Chinese cultures for many centuries to improve their dark skin pigmentation.

In addition, they also used them to improve their general skin health to provide more glowing results.

Actually, one of the main components of the Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower is included in the 50 most important Chinese herbs.

The flower has proven medicinal features which have made the specimen to be one of the best rehydrating agents globally.

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower

Another major player ingredient is the Mulberry leaf whose components have been medicinally proven to upgrade skin health and reduce the generation of tyrosinase by at least 50%.

Thanks to its strong influence, when you exfoliate to get rid of the dead skin cells, the new cells formed thereafter are of a lighter color.

Mulberry leaf to lighten skin

The serum also includes another special extract which is obtained from Asian flower species.

It has been evidenced to restore damaged skin and sustain the skin from further breakage.

This species is strong in mineral content and other natural hydrating elements which provide a silken, glowing skin.

The orchids also boost your skin’s complete outlook and reduce aging signs by making you appear fresh and gleaming.

Aside from other serums, Amaira is the only intimate lightening cream that uses glycolic acid.

This is a natural product that reduces ingrown or blocked hair follicles in your sensitive areas where waxing is done.

What sets this serum apart is that it does not contain the globally banned bleaching agent – hydroquinone.

Instead of that, the product has replaced it with the natural Kojic Acid which achieves similar lightening results but in a natural and safer way.

Kojic acid cream is more widely accepted worldwide and can be found in other beauty products. Some even say it is more effective because it can help you achieve being three shades fairer.

The combination of all these natural ingredients is what makes Amaira stand out from the crowd, by being the most developed and swiftest in the skin lightening process.

Get Original Amaira @ 41.95 USD (World Wide Shipping)

best brightening serum in india called amaira

Directions for use

Take note that you have to follow all the instructions of using the Amaira Lightening Serum for Intimate Areas as closely as possible if you want to achieve the ultimate results.

The package comes complete with instructions for use so it is best if you begin by understanding them before you start using the product.

First of all, since this product uses purely natural ingredients, you will need to cultivate some bit of patience before you can see any visible results.

The advantage of this option is that the results are more long lasting and not harmful, unlike chemically produced products.

To achieve best results for your yearned for skin tone, you will need to use it at least twice daily for approximately six to eight weeks. If you follow the instructions in totality you will notice your skin begin to have a natural enviable glow.

When evenly applied all over the body, the serum will give you lightening benefits by targeting all the dark areas of your skin and brightening your whole look.

In brief, this is the routine you should adopt;

  1. Mildly clean the skin sections you want to brighten with a gentle exfoliate. This is so that your skin does not break out or cause irritation and redness.
  2. Tap the section dry using a clean towel or cloth
  3. Massage the serum on your skin once in the morning
  4. Repeat the above process in the evening before you sleep
  5. Continue with this process for about six weeks or up to the time you feel you have attained the level of lightening you want

When not to use the serum

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • If you have shaved or waxed your skin in the recent past (await few days before application)
  • You are displaying your skin to the sun without protective sunscreen
  • You have an irritated or broken skin

Benefits of Amaira Lightening Serum

amaira fda approved final

  • prosIt has been consistently best rated for use in intimate and sensitive body areas such as the underarms, genitals, nipples, and inner thighs.
  • prosIt is also ideal for treating birthmarks, uneven skin tones and underarms, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation.
  • prosSince kojic acid is responsible for getting rid of dark blemishes or scars, it likely to result in anti-aging effect on the skin
  • prosKojic acid is also known to contain antimicrobial features which come in handy in fighting common types of microbes and germs even in small doses. This helps a great deal to get rid of acne that is caused by bacteria on the skin
  • prosKojic acid also has antifungal features which is useful in treating infections caused by fungi such as ringworms, candidiasis, yeast infections, or athlete’s foot. Sometimes kojic acid is an added ingredient in antifungal soaps to assist in ridding off fungi and bacterial infections in the body.
  • prosIt is light and odor-free so it is ideal for people with such sensitivities
  • prosIt is all natural, no harsh chemicals, perfumes or parabens are used
  • prosIt has been approved and licensed for use by the FDA
  • prosThe manufacturer gives a 60-day money back guarantee – in the event you don’t achieve your desired results your money gets refunded in full
  • prosThe manufacturers provide support globally in case of inquiries regarding the product
  • prosIt is safe for all skin types
  • prosNo hydroquinone!
  • prosA little goes a long way – you only need to use it in small quantities for efficient results

Are there any side effects of using kojic acid?


There is no product that lacks side effects, the difference is determined by the degree of effect. This means that kojic acid is no different either.

For the most part, kojic acid has been declared safe for use by FDA to be used in cosmetic products in concentrations not exceeding one percent.

That being said, some people will still experience some side effects especially if they have sensitive skin.

One of the main side effects is contact dermatitis which exhibits itself through skin irritation, redness, swollen skin, and discomfort or pain.

However, this is common if the product you are using has a higher concentration than the recommended 1% of kojic acid.

It is also important to note that prolonged use of kojic acid can cause your skin to be more sensitive to sunburn. This is the main reason why it is heavily emphasized that you use sunscreen at all times or if possible minimize your outdoor activities under the glaring sun.

Why is Amaira Lightening Serum a best seller in India?

First, skin lightening is a huge wave in India, which can be partly attributed to the high beauty standards in the country, especially in Mumbai.

This means that skin lightening manufacturers have a big market share in India.

Amaira Lightening Serum is quite popular because it is made of natural products, which is a big deal in India.

It is also more affordable and accessible than other products which are likely to be contraband.

Also, most skin lightening products contain chemicals and hydroquinone which is banned in most countries. This leaves Amaira lightening serum as the best choice for most Indians.

When selecting whitening products, you have to choose the one that works considerably and gives consistent results. In India, the beauty and cosmetic industry is very influential especially to young girls and in most cases, it exalts light skin as the standard unit for beauty.

This is what largely drives young women to seek whitening serums as a solution. This is the chief reason why Amaira Lightening Serum is a best seller in India.


Final thoughts

It is important for you to have realistic expectations when using a natural skin lightening serum such as Amaira. Since every person’s body is different, people will achieve results at different paces so you have to cultivate some patience.

However, if you are consistent in using Amaira and follow all instructions, you should be able to achieve your desired result within the provided timeframe.

It is advisable for you not to be using other treatments while using Amaira except sunscreen especially if you stay outdoors a lot.

From most reviewers of the product, many have reported that after achieving skin lightening with Amaira, they now use less foundation or concealer to cover up their spots.

As with any new product, first conduct a test on a small area of your skin (for example on your hand); to see if there will be any negative reaction. If there is none, it means you are safe to use the product.

Also, you can schedule a visit with your dermatologist who will professionally advise you on the best course of action to take or supplementary treatments that you can use.


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