Hydroquinone Cream vs. Amaira Serum; Which Lightens The Skin Better?

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For many years, women want lighter skin, as they perceive it to hold a higher beauty standard.

Various manufacturers have come up with skin lightening creams to address the demand, but the use of these products has led to other problems for skin health.

The most famous creams include Amaira serum and hydroquinone skin creams, which have a long-held reputation in the beauty world, due to their skin lightening properties.

Hydroquinone has however received bad press because of the negative associations that people have of it – moreover, it is a harmful chemical that leads to other side effects, which can lead to diseases.

However, Amaira serum manufacturers claim that it is different; that it lightens your skin without the harmful effects of hydroquinone.

You may wonder what makes them different from each other.

There are many skin lightening creams in existence, and you do not want to purchase one that damages your skin.

What is Amaira serum?

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This is a skin lightening cream that is specifically for use in intimate areas of the body.

It is rising quickly in popularity because of the benefits it claims to give its users, as well as the claim that it is comprised of natural ingredients that work scientifically and safely.

The product has FDA certification and the manufacturer has its headquarters in the USA.

In addition, it is free from fragrance and paraben, so it may be useful for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies.

Launched in 2016, the product has the advantage of correcting the mistakes its older counterparts have had in the skin care industry, and the current version of the product has 20 ingredients, two that are main and several other minor ingredients.

What makes Amaira cream different?

best brightening serum in india called amaira

Because the manufacturer claims that the product has natural extracts, they say that the product is safe for use in intimate areas such as the anus, inner thighs and vagina.

The manufacturer also claims that the product is for use on all skin types because it lacks harmful fragrances and chemicals.

The main website of the product states that the product is gentle on the skin, even when it is removing scarring or discoloration.

Depending on the condition of your skin, results may take up to two weeks to show as long as you use the product on a consistent basis.

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How does it work?

Since the skin changes naturally in the course of time, both women and men can develop skin discoloration in the private areas due to various causes such as poor hygiene, age, damage to the skin, or friction.

The serum works through preventing the development of melanin in the skin of these areas.

It does so by preventing hyper pigmentation, as it works in the inner tissue, where it will slow down or inhibit the buildup of chemicals that lead to discoloration.

The serum contains a powerful blend of natural ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine, which use scientific research.

The result is a cream that minimizes dark spots and evens out pigmentation up to three shades brighter.

The manufacturer is Amaira Natural Skincare, with their headquarters in Santa Monica Boulevard in California, USA.

Ingredient list

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Extract from Mulberry (active ingredient)

Mulberry extracts prove to remove melanogenesis, which leads to darkening of the skin.

This mostly occurs with dead skin, or as one grows older. As the extract removes dead skin cells, newer cells that form have lighter pigments.

Clinical trials prove that mulberry stops the activity of tyrosinase enzyme, and this allows the vaginal and anus areas to get lighter and match the skin tone of the body.

The extract is also responsible for the elimination of wrinkles as well as fine lines because it restores fibrillin to the sensitive parts of the body.

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis extract

Around the world, the use of Dendrobium Phalaenopsis flower as a moisturizer has been popular for centuries.

The extracts prove to soften cells in the skin, allowing for the skin to absorb the active ingredient in the serum, mulberry extract.

The process assists the progress of bleaching the anal area faster, therefore making the rest of the skin absorb the ingredients at faster rates.

The result is the faster achievement of lightening the skin, all with a natural ingredient that does not harm the body.

Other ingredients

Kojic acid – a natural substitute that is from rice and koji mushrooms, it works to lighten spots in the skin for up to three shades. It is capable of penetrating the skin surface and stop the production of melanin.

Mulberry root bark – this ingredient enhances the removal of fine lines and creases in the skin to give the skin a younger look.

Licorice extracts – derivatives of the licorice root, these contain glabidin, a substance that inhibits melanin production and lightens the skin.

Glycolic acid – this ingredient reduces hairs that have undergone malformation, as well as hair glands suffering from obstruction due to oils or dirt where you undergo waxing procedures.

Extracts of Asian orchids – these renew damaged skin, and they have compounds that enhance skin glow and tenderness, increasing skin health.

Bearberry extracts – these are derivatives of the bearberry plant (supplies bears with berries, and high in nutritional value).

The plant itself is the source of Arbutin, a compound that inactivates melanin. In fact, some people consider bearberry a natural cousin of hydroquinone, but a safer version.

Product enablers


These are the components of the product that allow the ingredients to work efficiently. For instance, they can assist the products to penetrate the skin effectively or preserve the integrity of the ingredients. They are:

  • Glycolic acid – helps in skin penetration, and mostly useful as exfoliate in chemical peels.
  • Lactic acid – an exfoliate
  • Propylene glycol – an agent that many products use, such as shampoos, sunscreens, cosmetics and perfumes.
  • Ammonium Hydroxide – adjusts the pH of the product, and is vital for maintaining stability.
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose – thickens the serum, and is important for use since it makes the serum easy to apply.
  • Caprylyl Glocol – extends the shelf life of the product.
  • Lemongrass – adds a lemon scent for the aroma
  • Sorbic acid – works the same way as Caprylyl Glocol to extend the shelf life.

Are these ingredients safe?


Technically the main ingredients are all-natural, so they theoretically are not supposed to have side effects.

However, the product still contains certain chemicals that may be harmful to certain individuals.

For instance, individuals with highly sensitive skin, lactating mothers and pregnant women should not use the product.

In addition, if your skin has undergone recent waxing or shaving, it is not advisable to use the serum.

In the case of pregnant women, the blood can absorb the ingredients easily, and they can pass through the placenta and harm the baby – the child may even suffer discoloration disorders.

Note that the product is only for external use, so that means you should handle it with care.

For instance, do not apply the product on open wounds or destroyed skin.

The company has a policy that allows you to return the product within 60 days if it does not work for you, and full refunds are applicable in this time frame.

What we like

  • It is easy to apply the product
  • Free shipping facilities in USA (and delivers worldwide)
  • Results are conclusive
  • The manufacturer is responsive and helpful to customers
  • The return policy is very good

What we do not like

  • The packaging is small, especially for those that need heavy use
  • There is lack of a four to six pack option, in case you want to buy the product in bulk

best brightening serum in india

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What about hydroquinone?

Hydroquinone works in the same way as any skin lightening cream – in fact, it was in use for many years, until recently when scientists and researchers discovered links between it and the increasing prevalence of skin conditions.

It works by lightening the dark patches of your skin that have suffered hyperpigmentation due to events such as pregnancy, undergoing hormone treatments, birth control pills or skin injuries.

It blocks the process in the skin that forms melanin, which is responsible for skin discoloration.

Using hydroquinone skin creams

You must handle these products with high levels of care – do not use them unless your doctor prescribes them to you.

Even then, you should follow all the instructions that the packaging indicates.

Before you use the cream, you should apply a small amount to an area of your skin that is unbroken or uninjured.

After this, check the area within 24 hours, and see if there are side effects such as itching, blisters or redness.

If this happens, stop using the cream and consult with your doctor on the best way forward. If the redness is mild, then you can use the product.

Precautions to take

Before you use the substance, ensure you inform your doctor if you experience any allergies or if you are allergic to hydroquinone itself.

This is due to hydroquinone products containing inactive ingredients such as sulphites that can lead to allergic reactions.

Skin conditions are particularly vital to know.

If you have suffered any of them in the past, for instance, psoriasis or eczema, or other conditions such as asthma, it is important to let your doctor know.

In addition, you need to exercise extra care when using hydroquinone if you are pregnant or nursing since its effects are unknown on babies and fetuses.

The cream tends to make the skin highly sensitive to sunlight and temperature changes, so stay away from the sun and cold after you begin its use.

Always wear protective clothing, as well as using sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Moreover, you will also avoid products that may cause irritation to the skin.

These include shampoos, harsh soaps, skin cleansers, hair dyes and chemicals, and skin products that contain alcohol, lime, spices or astringents.

Side effects

Skin irritation

Hydroquinone is generally harsh on the skin, and it can irritate different people especially those with allergies or sensitive skin.

This may lead to redness, burning sensation or itching.

Combinations with other products

You will never use hydroquinone products on their own.

That means you will not get prescriptions for it or buy it on its own over the counter.

Many people may not know it, but hydroquinone makes up a very small amount of the product it is in.

That also means any ingredient that is contained in hydroquinone products has the capability of reacting with your skin negatively, through causing irritation or other damages.


This is a skin condition that lasts for the long-term, and it is due to exposure to specific chemicals.

The major sign is major thickening and darkening of the skin beyond normal levels, similar to the skin of the heel of your foot.

The connection between long-term use of hydroquinone products and ochronosis is not completely clear, but scientists are now finding the links between the two.

Exposure to UVB and UVA rays

Even though you may not like it, melanin has a very important role in protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Hydroquinone inhibits the skin cells from producing melanin, therefore making you lighter in tone.

But this increases the chances of acquiring dangerous sunburn levels that will increase your chances of getting skin cancer.

Not only may this occur, but the skin becomes more prone to sun damage.

Note that there are other skin lighteners that lead to the same consequence, such as salicylic acid.


Final thoughts

For many years, hydroquinone products have been the standard of skin whitening, but evidence is proving that it is harming your health – leading to an increase in plant-based skin lighteners such as Amaira serum that have fewer side effects and is more natural in their ingredient composition.

It is therefore good to avoid products that contain hydroquinone, even if it is in small amounts, as it can damage your skin permanently.

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