A 5-Step Process For Conducting A Powerful Health Research

Conduct a Health Research

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It can be pretty confusing when starting to write for a health research project. You feel lost and not know where to start.

The ideas are vast and tons of information to cover in just one research.

It can take long hours just to decide which source is more reliable, thus we go for digging more deeper into the source itself.

Writing health research papers do not need a medical degree but also it doesn’t come naturally to most of us.

The process of creating a proper research paper is a systematic process with solid rules to follow. Following these certain rules and criteria will eventually lead to an outstanding result.

The daunting part is to make the health research article addressing a specific research question. This question should be the core of the entire research. The more relevant the answers to the research question, the more powerful the research is.

In this article, I’ll cover how you can achieve this with 5 data-driven methods you can develop to get a strong custom research paper written from scratch:

#1. Find a Broad Subject First Then Narrow It Down

The topics in the health field are immense and overwhelming; in surgery, medicine, therapeutics, palliative care, Obstetrics, medical ethics, pediatrics, research, pathology, the list is completely is endless. The question relies in what topic should you actually cover?

Finding the right topics to address can be easily done by thinking in various topics that interest you. Get a sheet of paper and write down a few topics that trigger your interest.

If you are blank just go to google and write a broad term for the research paper you were given, example; Diabetes.

diabetes search suggestion

In the suggestion box you’ll generate relevant sub-topics that you can keep clicking endlessly;

Choose the one that interests you and keep breaking it down and the more you do the more your research becomes more solid, rich and specific.

Some researchers recommend to go after controversial under research topics, this will give you an edge and can see more citation and uniqueness. Plus it’s vital to read a various point of views on the topic and not just stick to one. This will broaden your approach and writing.

#2. Get Your Resources Ready and Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Having high-quality diverse resources makes your health research great. After deciding on the topic. Go after all the pages & websites mentioning your topic and do quick glance on the source. If it’s ebooks, journals, or encyclopedias save it. However, this doesn’t mean blog posts or new sites are not vital. It’s all a great addition to your paper.

However, make sure that all your resources are up to date and if you have any kind of doubt about the information provided by one of the sources. Then dig deeper and see how sound it is.

#3. Not Everything is Found Online

Libraries started in the 17th century and it’s considered one of the most relevant institutions in our time. Especially when it comes to conducting a research. You’ll find an enormous amount of published books that have no trace online and can be a powerful addition to your topic.

In certain topics, you’ll discover that the ‘old school’ way of gathering information might be highly essential and can’t produce a proper health research without it.

Do note that, Offline research doesn’t provide instant access to answers and you’ll develop the ability to read a vast amount of books to get a few golden phrases to your topic.

#4. Outlining is a Necessity

Crafting an outline provides direction and focus. And makes your research constructed properly and in a clear manner. Consider this a frame for your masterpiece of art. It is the bones that make up the skeleton. International research papers usually have these parts;

  • title;
  • thesis statement;
  • introduction;
  • body;
  • conclusion.

Any thought you get during your research you can position it accordingly. However, this is the basis of a general framework of a research you have the option to add more.

#5. Beautify the Writing Process

The part is considered painting after drawing. And I don’t consider it difficult and it can be obvious to many. But let me share some few tips you can do to the framework that will make it look better.

  • Title. Don’t make it complicated or ambiguous. Make it brief and straight to the point. Looking at your title should give the reader a summary of what is your research about and not make your research reader confused.
  • Thesis Statement. In this section, you give a clear purpose of why you created this research. It should answer simple questions like, what the point of this research? Is it informing, educating or convincing? Which mode is it discussed in? Having this kind of clarity in your Thesis statement gives a powerful impression to your reviewer.
  • Introduction. Don’t think that intro is just to inform what you will discuss. Make it super engaging and attention grabber. A Bad intro is when someone skims it. Use different strategies to make it appealing like; quotes, rhetoric, statistics & figures & anecdotes.
  • Body. In the body section of your research, always stick to your thesis statement. Any discuss all the relevant point and don’t go off topic. Even if there is something off topic you need to address to make the reviewer familiar with your point, then briefly discuss it without going into details. Your best findings always add it in the first few phrases. After that close the body with minor points.
  • Conclusion. This is the call to action part and gets you to notify your reader about the research best points. After that, depending on the purpose of your research, you can encourage them to research more, recommend a certain institution, etc.
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