Hair Care
thinning hair women to grow with biotin and caffeine
Indeed, as Jeannette Walls said, “A lady’s hair is her crowning glory‏” and for sure the statement goes for men as well. Hair gives an overall, quick and simple look at your beauty. However, the problems that may hinder you from having perfect hairstyle or look are many! They could range from facing hair loss,...
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Castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seed of the castor tree. The fatty acids of castor oil are believed to be highly nourishing to the skin as they trigger hair growth. It helps get thicker eyelashes and brows. It also prevents them from breaking and triggers the increase at places where they...
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100% organic dermology hair removal cream
Being a female is a challenging business, especially when you are looking for coping with your day-to-day self-care and beauty routine. One of the most difficult parts of your beauty regimen is taking proper care of your hair eradication, especially if you are one of the females who have problems with sensitive skin. Most typical...
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Healthy Hair Food
You are what you eat and that goes for your hair too. If your diet is healthy and nourishing, your hair will grow faster and will be soft, shiny and strong. If your diet consists mostly of unhealthy foods, your hair will reflect it by appearing dull, dry and brittle with a poor growth rate....
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Hair Relaxers Chemical Effects and how to avoid damage
Chemical hair relaxers can be a good option for women with hair that is naturally curly or unmanageable hair that they would like to wear straightened. While hair relaxers can be a very effective option, it is important to keep in mind that the chemicals which are used to change the texture of your hair...
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Effective Way To Preserve hair from sun
Summer is a great season for outdoor fun, but experts agree that exposure to the elements is not-so-great for the health and beauty of the hair. Swimming pool pipes leak copper ions into the water, which gives light hair an eerie greenish cast. Chlorine buildup makes hair dry and brittle. Swimming in the ocean isn’t...
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