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Dental Teeth Whitening Methods: Your Guide In Selecting Teeth Whitening Systems and Teeth Whitening Prices

Dental teeth whitening is a growing industry, as can be seen by a stroll through any drugstore. Here is a breakdown of each type of teeth whitening method and the results that can be achieved using them. Dental Teeth Whitening Toothpastes Almost every brand of toothpaste has one that is labeled as whitening. The difference […]

Every Mom’s Guide To Early Child Dental Care

Tooth decay affects over 25 percent of children between one and six years old, and is the most common chronic childhood disease, according to the article “ADA Foundation Funds Initiatives to Help Prevent Early Childhood Tooth” on the American Dental Association (ADA) website. Dental care should start as early as before the first baby tooth […]

4 steps diabetics must take to have better dental health

4 Steps Every Diabetic Must Do To Ensure A Better Dental Health

When a patient has diabetes they have to pay careful attention to every part of their body. One particular part of the body a diabetic should properly care for are their teeth. A person’s dental hygiene can affect their body positively or negatively, depending on how well they take care of their teeth. Those with […]

Ancient Tooth Paste History

This is What Tooth Paste Used To Be Like 1,000s of Years Ago

Centuries ago, way before the advent of chlorophyll, people drank goats milk to sweeten their breath. They also thought ashes from burnt mice heads, ox heels and goat feet would benefit the gums. Primitive Oral Hygiene Resembled Witchcraft Remedies Many oral hygiene practices resembled witchcraft remedies. One was picking bones out of wolves’ excrement and […]

Science Helps To Prevent Cavities With These New 2018 Discoveries

After enduring decades of dental phobia, dentistry has become a leading field of health care research as scientists find new ways to prevent cavities and promote oral health as a route to better overall health and well-being. New Cavity Filling Materials Made Using Body Chemistry Remember the metallic fillings of years ago? Researchers eventually determined […]

Dental Veneers YummyLooks

Dental Veneers: A Cosmetic Technique to Improve One’s Smile

Dental veneers provide another alternative for patients who want to whiten or esthetically change the appearance of their teeth. It’s the ultimate cosmetic procedure for esthetics. They, however, aren’t for everybody or for every situation. A thorough understanding of the pros and cons of this procedure, as well as the other alternative cosmetic dental treatments […]

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