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Dental Health

This is What Tooth Paste Used To Be Like 1,000s of Years Ago

Ancient Tooth Paste History

Centuries ago, way before the advent of chlorophyll, people drank goats milk to sweeten their breath. They also thought ashes from burnt mice heads, ox heels and goat feet would benefit the gums. Primitive Oral Hygiene Resembled Witchcraft Remedies Many oral hygiene practices resembled witchcraft remedies. One was picking bones …

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Are You Hurting Your Teeth Without Knowing?


Some people don’t give their toothbrush much thought. They take whatever the dental offices hands out, or the kind their wife buys at the store. Other people look for toothbrushes that are the right color to match their bathrooms , or specific sizes that fit into the toothbrush holder correctly, …

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Baby Teeth Eruption Schedule

Baby Teeth Eruption

The majority of today’s parents know that a baby’s first tooth appears around six months of age and his last “baby”(deciduous) tooth comes in around age two, making a grand total of 20 teeth. What parents do not know is that children retain the “baby” molars until about age twelve! …

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