How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots on Legs By Using This Serum

How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots on Legs By Using This Serum

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Post Date: May 19, 2018

Most people generally worry about the condition of the skin on their face,  more than any other part of the body.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on products that enhance the face’s condition and looks, to ensure that premature skin aging is kept at bay.

There are thousands of routine care products all geared towards providing that your face gets the optimum care and attention.

Skin problems can affect any part of the body and bring as much discomfort as those that are found on the face.

And while the legs might not be the window to the soul, unlike the eyes, the condition of their skin can give away your age at a glance. Or at worse, can leave others thinking that you are older than you are.

Brown spots on the legs are a cause of much concern for many people and unfortunately there no multitudes of skin care products out in the market to alleviate them.

Which is why Amaira Natural Lightening Serum is such a godsend product to people with brown spots on their legs.

amaira fda approved final

This revolutionary skin lightening serum is a fan favorite for all skin types,colour and race, because of its perfect balance of natural, effective and safe active ingredient.

Amaira can be used on the most sensitive of skin areas and without any adverse side effects.

Amaira is 100% made in the USA in an FDA licensed facility and is entirely safe for all skin types.

This fantastic lightening cream is 100% hydroquinone-free and utilizes only the most reliable natural ingredients to meet its core mandate; the safe and gentle lightening of your skin, with zero hazardous effects.

Amaira can be safely used to eliminate the brown spots on your legs and has no harsh chemicals, parabens or perfumes, that dry out the skin.

Some simple causes of brown spots on the legs

dark spots on legs

Age Spots

Age spots are also known as solar lentigo or liver spots. They are directly tied to the reaction your skin undergoes after prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun.

The skin of your legs may have overactive pigment cells, which when exposed to UV light, increases the skin’s production of melanin.

The increased melanin in these areas then accumulates in  ‘clumps’ in the top layer of the skin. Age spots are prevalent in people 55 years and above and can occur in an area of the body that has suffered frequent sunburn.

It is no wonder then that one of the most common bodily locations for age spots are the legs because when out sunbathing, these very useful appendages are often left to fend for themselves against the high heat.

There are some albeit invasive ways of getting rid of these brown age spots on the legs.

Some of these include freezing, acids, laser treatment or skin sanding. None of them sound particularly pleasant, right? Well, you can forego the painful zapping and ouches and use Amaira Natural Lightening Serum.


Amira uses all natural ingredients to exfoliate and brighten those brown spots on your legs gently, so you can look and feel much younger.

Amaira is enriched with mulberry leaf and root bark extracts, that in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, were used to treat a myriad of diseases, including anemia, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

These yummy fruits grown all over the warm regions of Africa, Asia, and the Americas have incredible benefits to the skin as well.

Mulberry leaf and root extracts have very effective anti-ageing properties, which is why Amira has them as a natural active ingredient, to combat the brown spots on your legs.

This natural extract, inhibits the production of melanin on the skin, to counter the appearance of blemishes on your legs.

By regulating the synthesis of melanin, the brown spots will naturally clear off, leaving your legs looking whiter, fresh and suppler.

The natural antioxidants from these extracts moisturize the skin too, unclogging blocked pores and eliminating the toxins under the skin, keeping your legs looking radiant and fresh.

The use of Amaira on your legs will eventually even out the brown spots and also help improve the restoration of elastin on the skin on your limbs.

The gentle mulberry extract on this elixir allows you to use it on a long-term basis without any side effects to your health or skin.

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Freckles are harmless small brown spots found on the arms and face and the legs.

how to get rid of freckles on leg

You may have a genetic disposition to freckles, or they could come by due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Freckles are easily visible on fair skin, and since harmless they are not generally a source of concern, unless they cause you discomfort, for example when you in your shorts, or bikini.

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum has a solution for the freckles on your legs, one that is fast, effective and completely safe no matter what type of skin you might have.

Amaira Product in Action

This elixir for your legs is imbued with natural, wholesome ingredients that lighten the freckles and while nourishing your skin too.

This moisturizing skin lightener has potent glycolic acid, an active ingredient that is a force to reckon with in the skin care industry.

Glycolic acid is derived from unripe grapes, cane sugar or beets, and can also be manufactured industrially.

In Amaira, this acid penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin around your freckles to enhance the production of collagen, leaving your legs looking much younger and fresher.

What Amaira does on the outer layer of the skin on your legs is so amazing too.

The glycolic acid in Amaira will exfoliate the skin, helping it shed off old skin, to assist the skin to regenerate faster.

This active ingredient will make the freckles on your legs appear much lighter. Glycolic acid has AHA or alpha hydroxy acid, which leaves your legs super radiant and bikini ready.

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Other excellent natural ingredients in Amaira Natural Lightening Serum


Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Flower

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis flower or orchids are part of the top 50 most potent Chinese herbs and with good reason.

These delicate yet beautiful graceful and beautiful flowers are a holy grail of naturally deep moisturizing properties.

This exotic active ingredient, long known as a symbol of longevity and beauty amongst many world vultures is an essential ingredient in Amaira.

Due to their moisturizing and humectant properties, orchids have scientifically been proven to reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines; what a great way to show your legs some love uh?

These delicate buds are said to live forever, which points to the reason why they are considered such a great skincare product in Japanese and Chinese therapeutic culture.

Amaira Natural Lightening Serum will help brighten the brown spots on your legs, to give a radiant, flawless and smooth even-toned skin.

Kojic acid

Kojic acid is derived from fungi during fermentation of certain foods like rice wine, Japanese sake, and soy sauce.

This mushroom-like fungus is then blended into skin care products to help alleviate age spots, acne scars, sun spots, melasma and any other uneven coloration on the skin.

Amaira utilizes kojic acid primarily as a skin lightening agent, but with constant use, this remarkable natural ingredient will inhibit the brown spots from reappearing through the acids ability to limit ongoing melanin production.

Amaira utilizes gentle and natural kojic acid as its primary skin lightener, as an alternative to hydroquinone.  Amaira has an excellent safety record and can lighten the brown spots on your legs up to three shades lighter.

Amaira Testimonials (skin lightening)

Why Amaira does not use hydroquinone to lighten brown spots

Hydroquinone has been the go-to skin lightener of choice for the skin care industry since the 1950s but has been under a lot of fire due to its toxicity to the human body.

In 2006 the FDA almost banned it when a  lot of health concerns were raised over time over its potential carcinogenic and dermatological adverse side effects.

In 2009, FDA instituted an investigation into this claims with the National Toxicology Program, to investigate the validity of these concerns.

You are better safe than sorry though, which is why Amaira is so great for those brown spots in your legs. Your health and beauty are interconnected, and it is impossible to have one without the other.

Hydroquinone based products, cannot promise safe skin lightening, due to various side effects including;

  • The formation of ochronosis
    Ochronosis manifests as thick dark brown or blue-black patches on the skin when hydroquinone has been used on the skin for a long time.
  • Skin allergies
    Some people are incredibly allergic to hydroquinone, and the allergies can range from mild burning and stinging sensation on application to life-threatening swelling and difficulty of breathing. The Kojic acid quotient in Amaira is safe for your legs, even if your skin is sensitive.
  • Hypersensitivity to light
    Repeated long-term use of hydroquinone will make your legs develop photosensitivity. This will make you more prone to sunburns, because hydroquinone can drastically reduce the amount of melanin on your legs, leaving them defenseless against the sun. Goodbye, sunbathing!

The kojic acid in Amaira will lighten the brown freckles or age spots on your legs, and will go a step further!

Kojic acid has inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties, keeping you safe from infection and helping you heal faster and better.

How to keep brown spots from your legs

The sun’ s rays are most intense between and 2 pm, so avoid sunbathing at this time of the day. Chase the sun at other safer time of the day.

Cover up as much as possible to keep you safe from too much sun exposure. Tightly woven clothes that cover your legs will provide adequate protection.

If possible purchase clothes that are designed to protect your legs from the sun. The most efficient of these will have a UPF (ultraviolet factor of 40 to 50.

The use of sunscreen at all times when outdoors cannot be overemphasized.

Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection. A sunscreen with an SPF factor of over 30 is excellent. And once done with your swimming or in case you have been perspiring, reapply generously every two hours.

Other factors that make Amaira Advanced Skin Lightening Serum so great

what makes amaira great

1- Safe for intimate areas with sensitive skin

Amaira Advanced Skin Lightening Serum for Intimate Areas is the go-to product when you are looking to lighten darkened skin around the naturally sensitive skins areas of the genital and perineum areas as well as the underarms, inner thighs and the nipples.

Having undergone thousands of testing hours to ensure its efficacy and safety, this cream is the one sure way to ensure that your body is bikini ready.

The skin around the genitals, décolletage and the perineum is highly sensitive, and harsh skin lightening ingredients like hydroquinone can create huge problems.

Amaira uses natural lightening active ingredients that are safe, gentle and effective in eliminating dark pigmentation without harming the thin and sensitive skin around them.

The natural ingredients will also soothe and natural the skin as they block the production of melanin, lightening the skin color of these intimate areas.

2- Great online reviews

Amaira Intimate Lightening Cream is a revolutionary skin lightening serum, the clear favorite for users of all skin types, color or race.

It has the perfect combination of natural, safe and scientifically proven active ingredients that deliver on Amaira’s premise, without any adverse side effects.

Amaira_Reviews Amaira_Reviews_on_Amazon

This natural and practical approach to skin lightening has made it all the rave online, and its users just adore it!

3- Zero perfumes or parabens

Parabens are widely used as preservatives in beauty products to inhibit the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria.

Unfortunately, parabens also mimic estrogen, and they have been linked with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Fragrances, on the other hand, can cause dermatitis, allergies and at the end of the spectrum respiratory distress and detrimental effects on your reproductive system.

Amaira does not use any harsh ingredients in its serum, to ensure that it is safe and gentle for use in the intimate areas of your body.


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