May 13, 2018
best breast lift surgery alternatives
The droopy saggy breasts or how the plastic surgeries said “Ptotic Breasts” problem; that is characterized by; the presence of a loose structure of firmness and skin elasticity within the breast tissue and nipples is a very common problem among aged women or women who have just given birth recently. We know how much it...
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how to get rid of uneven skin tone
We know how much it is disappointing to have an uneven skin tone especially if it appears in form of pigmentation inconsistencies and become more obvious on your face! Therefore, you start to use makeups that will also pose adverse effects on your skin tone and worsen the situation. The causes of an uneven skin...
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get rid of dark spots and pimples on face and body
Call it dark spots, age spots, liver spots, skin patches or even hyperpigmented discolorations; they are mainly defined as “Areas of the skin that are differently pigmented due to the overproduction of skin’s pigment that called melanin which is responsible for the skin’s color” The presence of dark spots on the face is very disappointing...
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