Daily Archives: February 25, 2017


Sunscreen 101: Rules for Safe and Effective Sunscreen Application

It was once thought that getting a good “burn” out of the way or developing a “base tan” slowly were the best defenses against a painful vacation. It just ain’t so! The best protection for snow weary skin is to avoid both the burn and the tan altogether. Tanning Alternatives Recently published studies have linked […]

Active Holiday in France

Active Holidays in France: Walking in Burgundy, Cycling the Loire Valley, Carcassonne Riding

Going on holiday in France doesn’t necessarily have to be about gorging on gourmet food and fine wine – by going on an active holiday, it is possible to see great sites whilst boosting fitness levels. Whether it’s walking holidays in Burgundy, Cycling Holidays in the Loire Valley or horseback riding holidays near Carcassonne in […]

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